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Permanent fat loss workshop
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Thank you for your interest in Permanent fat loss workshop.

Workshop content:

(1) Exercise

(2) When I eat breakfast

(3) What I eat


(1) Exercise

I can tell you right here how l lost excess fat through exercise. You don't need a workshop for that. I always engaged in exercise but always had interruptions. I had a long interruption after a knee operation. After that long break I had lost my level of fitness so when I started walking, I started with only 400 meters, increased the distance and the pace daily and in no time I was addicted to walking briskly everyday. That resulted in improved general health and a bit of fat loss but it was not permanent so I was back on the yo-yo in spite of healthy eating.

(2) When I eat breakfast

I can tell you right now how I lost excess fat by changing the time I eat breakfast. No workshop needed. In my case this was THE MISSING LINK because I was already doing (1) and (3) right. The combination of exercise, eating breakfast 16 hours after dinner (only drinking water in the 16 hours) and eating right, did the trick. This combination melted away the excess fat, got rid of all cravings and gave me even more energy. If you have diabetes introduce the 16 hours gradually and not overnight or if in doubt talk to your doctor first.


(3) What I eat.

This is what we need the Free Health Club and the workshop for. I used to think I knew what REAL good nutrition is until I came across information that saved me from a major operation in 2008. Since then I have amassed a lot of information and it is not possible to share it all on this page or on one episode of Free Health Club TV. The content of (3), what is that information plus the input of experts.


The rest of the workshop is based on my expertise in behavioural competencies which includes proven behaviour modification strategies, overcoming the inertia that we all experience when we get started with anything and staying motivated  


I'm looking forward to accompanying you on your health gain journey. In the meantime, you can do yourself a favour by:

- Implementing (1) exercising

- Implementing (2) eating breakfast 16 after between dinner and breakfast. Drinking tea or any other beverage counts as eating so the only way to do this effectively is by drinking only tap water in the 16 hours.


Although you have to wait for the workshop for proper input on (3), in the meantime, avoid refined sugars and drink more water. Do not starve. Eat enough food, 80% vegetables and 20% meat. I can hear you wondering where you will get your carbs from. From the vegetables. I get all my carbs from vegetables and I have enough energy to walk for two and half hours per day and do all the FHC work, my paid work and cook healthy meals daily. If you want to eat bread eat or pasta eat only the wholewheat variants.


This limited information is going to result in feeling better, sleeping better and a certain level of fat loss.


Before you get started, please take a picture of yourself wearing clothes that show your excess fat or wearing something that fits perfectly now. This is for yourself and not for the public. As you notice improvements take photos with the same clothes and keep them with the dates. As you get more information from the workshop and from the club you will see improved results in your health and in your waistline. You can weigh yourself if you want. If you choose to weigh yourself, you should realise that when you exercise you gain muscle and muscle has weight so as you lose fat you gain muscle weight but the more fat you lose the more the overall weight goes down. Fad diets that do not include exercise result in muscle loss so weight loss does not necessarily man fat loss. Whether you weigh yourself or not please use clothes to see the real difference in inches.


Important health warning:

If you have any condition for which you take prescribed medication, when you exercise more, improve your eating habits and drink more water, your symptoms will improve or even disappear. When that happens, please do NOT interfere with prescribed treatment. Please go back to the doctor who prescribed the treatment and let him/her decide on the way forward.


Depending on your condition, he/she may tell you to:

- continue with the same treatment or

- reduce the treatment or

- change it to something milder with a better side effect profile or

- stop the treatment.


Such decisions can be only taken by a doctor and not by you.

Workshop registration for FHC members (free)

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