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Friends of the Free Health Club

Sponsored services


I met Sandra Aartman of Sandra Aartman fotografie in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, when she photographed me for an interview in a glossy magazine, NEX. We subsequently became her clients because not only is she an amazing photographer but also one of the nicest people. On hearing of the vision of the club, she offered to sponsor a photoshoot. She took all the all the professional photos with FHC apparel as well as the ‘after’ photos that show the fat loss that she witnessed since we first met. Her rates are very reasonable especially if you consider the quality she offers.

Thank you, Sandra.


When Anton Zonneveld, a photographer and photoshop expert from Voorhout, The Netherlands, heard what the purpose of the club is, he offered his expertise. He created all the front covers of both Asihambe (Mogwanto) and Asihambe (Let's walk), the banner for this site as well as all the FHC social media banners.  His rates are very reasonable.

Thank you, Anton.


I often miss details because I'm a big picture person. That is why I use the proofreading services of the master of detail, Jeanieke van Leur of Jeanieke Office Assistance in Hillegom, The Netherlands. You can trust bilingual Jeanieke with editing and proofreading in both English and Dutch as well as organizing your office at very affordable rates. Like Sandra and Anton, she offered her services because she also believes in the vision of FHC.

Thank you, my friend.

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