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Friends of the Free Health Club

The backbone of the club

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Although I came up with the idea and I’m the face of FHC, it would have remained an idea if it were not for Koen Zonneveld. Koen is in fact more than a friend of FHC. He is an integral part of it. He is involved in literally all the behind-the-scenes work. Every time you see me in front of the camera, he is on the other side of the lens and that is his smallest role. Over and above all the hard work, his consultancy, Koen Zonneveld advies, finances all the numerous FHC expenses. The consultancy that we co-own, Breinvoorkeuren NBI® is the sponsor of the Asihambe dance challenge. Thank you for believing in me and in my dream.

Membership: Simply by subscribe to FHC TV here 

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